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I am a 100% service connected Vietnam medic who service with a recon platoon in 1968-1969. My poetry is located at http://iwvpa.net/parduek/index.php
Good Afternoon: I would like to get permission to use your photo of Communion (Do this in remembrance of me)for a parish webiste that I am putting together. This picture would be perfect to use for the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Pleas advise. Thank you, Ellen Farina
Ann, thank you so very much for such a moving tribute to My Brothers and Sisters, I served in Nam in 69-70 as a Weapons Man with the USAF at Phan Rang & Da Nang for a short period. I found this site some where don't even remember where today. I read and watched it and was emotionally drained, and must admit moved to tears at times and Men don't like to admit that we can cry, lets just say my eyes leaked and leave it at that. I hope you don't mind but I posted this on the 4 Viet Nam Vets Facebook sites that I frequent and EVERY Viet Nam Vet loved it. Thank You So Much after all these years someone did what should have been done some 40 odd years ago! Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart Woody
Refreshing sight.
Thank you Ann for your time and dedication to us all. Peace.
awesome to here words from Vietnam vets-I believe the resurgence in patriotism is because of Vietnam vet and their families
Thanks for like & I be Honor you & your group join my committee. My cell (660)541-0796 God Bless with many blessings.
I just watched "After Vietnam - The Healing" and it brought me to tears. Our Vietnam Veterans deserve so much more respect and honor than we could ever show.Your presentation of their words, poetry, songs and memories is beautifully done and appreciated. THANK YOU VIETNAM VETS, and Welcome Home!
Wonderful Ann, as always your voice speaks clearly and with purpose. Again I have to say hearing your presentation with such feeling, passion and respect definitely engaged my listening. I enjoyed listening to you and the message you and others have here. Thank you Ann! God Bless you!
I love the website and everything you are doing. Thank you for Standing with all veterans
What a wonderful job you did Ann, you have honored all Vietnam Veterans